How to add your ADT-1 (Android TV) to a Harmony Ultimate Remote system

This is a workaround for the moment, since the ADT-1 is not in the Harmony DB. But, most controls work (direction pad, back, home, pause, fast forward, stop). This guide will add the Harmony remote as a general Bluetooth remote for the ADT-1.

1. Go to Harmony Setup > Add/Edit Devices & Activities > Devices
2. Select Add Device
3. Select Computer
4. Choose 'Other' (will spin for a little while)
5. Skip or complete next steps until the device is added
6. Exit out to main menu
7. Go to the device list and select it (might be named Computer)
8. Tap any command for the device (Computer)
9. This should trigger a Bluetooth pair dialog.
10. Select Pair now
11. On the ADT-1, go to Settings > Add Accessory 
12. On the ADT-1, 'Harmony Controller' should show up
13. Select 'Harmony Controller' to initiate pairing  (might have to do steps 10 & 11 one or two times for it to successfully pair)
14. That's it! Now you can create custom Activities on your Harmony remote for the ADT-1

Caching rich media assets on iOS with Trove

Introducing Trove,  an iOS framework that provides an intelligent, transparent local cache of rich media web assets. You know, for those precious offline moments when users don't have Internet connectivity but just can't stop using your app.


  • Foundation.framework
  • Trove.framework
  • Reachability.h (included in the example project and found here)


Cache a media asset

NSString *sampleURL = @"";

[[Trove sharedInstance] cacheAsset:[NSURL URLWithString:sampleURL]];

Retrieve a media asset

This method will return the locally stored file URL, if it is not in the cache directory, the original asset URL will be returned.

NSString *sampleURL = @"";

[[Trove sharedInstance] assetURL:[NSURL URLWithString:sampleURL]];

Optional delegate methods